Starting early Autumn we’ll be beginning works under licence to remove the badger sett behind Freshwater Library.

This will be a fairly lengthy exercise and the work will be undertaken by Protected Species Ecology Ltd – who also completed the badger work at the allotments.

The sett will need to be excluded and closed. There will be a 3 week exclusion period during which time Graham Lee – Isle of Wight Badger Trust Representative will monitor the setts 3 times per week to check for no further activity.

Once it has been confirmed the sett is clear it will be destroyed and proofed against further digging.

Nick Whittle – Xcel Plant Hire will then move in to install a chain mail fence and exclusion gates and the site will be returfed or reseeded as necessary.

Taking this approach allows us to deal with the situation in a humane way, meaning no badgers will be destroyed as they move back to main setts elsewhere.

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