Gift to Nature

Freshwater Parish Council have supported the work of Gift to Nature with community grants for many years.

Follow the links to see the valuable work being done at Afton Marsh and Golden Hill Country Park


willow maze

The Golden Hill Golden Celebrations Project

In 2019 Gift to Nature secured a grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund for an ambitious project to discover the heritage of the site. As part of that project the military history was extensively researched and recorded, with the foundations of many the original world war one buildings revealed, new wildlife trails and heritage pillars  were created, access was improved and interpretation installed across the site to help users connect with the history and local flora and fauna.

The Fort going into private ownership seemed to remove the heart of the site, so to return a much needed focal point, Gift to Nature commissioned a willow sculptor to create a new organic installation, echoing the fort but created for discovery and play. Made from natural willow and hazel and other cut material, the new  maze like structure with its supporting buttress like arms and viewing windows has brought the whole site to life again with all generations embracing this marvellous  structure  made from natural willow sourced form local Afton Marsh.

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