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Freshwater Skatepark opened in September 2002. The skatepark is made up of wooden ramps on a tarmac base. It is an outdoors skatepark and is free to use.

The skatepark features a back and forth run with a flat bank either side of a box.

New Skatepark & Pump Track plans here.

Freshwater Skatepark is owned, managed, and maintained by Freshwater Parish Council. A caretaker is employed by the Parish Council for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. They are responsible for clearing debris, inspecting the park and equipment reporting any concerns or issues that need to be dealt with.

Users are encouraged to clear debris and rubbish using the bins provided.

CCTV is in place for the safety of users and to monitor any antisocial behaviour in line with Freshwater Parish Council’s CCTV policy.

A zero-tolerance policy toward graffiti is in place.

General Skatepark Information & Rules

Users participate at their own risk.  It is strongly recommended that users always wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment especially helmets.

It is expected that parents ensure all under 16’s always wear a helmet when using the park.

The following General Rules are displayed at the park:

  • Children under eight should be accompanied by an adult
  • No ball games
  • No animals
  • No motorised vehicles
  • No glass bottles
  • No swearing or antisocial behaviour will be tolerated
  • No smoking
  • No alcohol or drugs allowed in the park

Emergency Information

In case of damage, users are instructed to contact Freshwater Parish Council immediately and avoid using the ramps. 

Tel: 01983 752000


In case of a serious emergency to call 999.


The Future for Freshwater Skatepark

Freshwater Parish Council are to invest £120K into the project and are now looking at all avenues of Community Fundraising to try and match the funding from the Parish. We are looking at Grants, Fund Raising, Sponsorship and Advertising. (More Information Here).

We would like to ask that you consider supporting this project in any way you can. We are looking for financial support via donations, sponsorship, and possible advertising. We are also looking for anyone that can help with the use of machinery and materials for the project.

You can donate here or why not grab yourself a t-shirt from our Freshwater Skatepark clothing range.

Follow all the latest news on Freshwater Skatepark on our Instagram page.

The History of Skatepark in Freshwater, Isle of Wight.


Freshwater Skatepark Gallery

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