A message from Freshwater Fire Crew


To all the lovely people, young and old in the West Wight community, you and your families are invited to join us at Freshwater Fire Station on Tuesday 17th December from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm for a very special free community Christmas thank you event.

There will be mince pies, a chance to meet the fire fighters and our colleagues from the other emergency services as well as a festive community sing along with a very special choir. Father Christmas and his little helpers will be making an appearance and you’ll be able to sit in the fire engine and look at the kit we use and see exactly what we do in our day to day jobs.

Local children, you are invited to make a tree decoration at home and hang this on the fire station Christmas tree to help brighten up the station.

In particular if we have met you at incidents, either on the fire engine, on the co-responder or at larger multi agency incidents with our other emergency services colleagues we’d love to see you to share a bit of Christmas cheer.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all. Pop in and help us get Christmas off to a roaring start.

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