Local estate agent Hose Rhodes Dickson are to sponsor the Freshwater skatepark and pump track project with a generous donation – and that may be just the start.


Hose Rhodes Dickson, who will be opening a branch in the village – their eighth on the Island – in late August, have confirmed they will be making a generous donation to the Freshwater skatepark and pump track. This goes a long way to helping Freshwater Parish Council match the funding they have dedicated to the project.

The first year should see the pump track taking shape on Stroud playing fields, followed by a new skatepark to replace current facilities on land near Moa Place.

A regular sponsorship from Hose Rhodes Dickson could follow the development phase as a contribution towards such costs as maintenance and staffing.

Peter Barfoot, senior negotiator at the Freshwater branch said: “We are really excited to open our Freshwater office and become part of the vibrant West Wight community. The Freshwater Skatepark will be a real asset to the area, providing a dedicated place for all ages and ability to enjoy, plus the pump track will be a huge draw for local tourism. We are pleased to be involved with the project from these early stages and can’t wait to watch the plans unfold and see people enjoying themselves.”

Skateboard GB’s research shows a striking correlation between people who skate and their improved mental health, with reduced stress and boredom, increased confidence, escapism, and a coping mechanism for emotions.

Health benefits of skateboarding include the use of most parts of the body and can burn up to 600 calories an hour. It is also great for balance, toning muscle, building muscle strength, and helps in co-ordination.




Group picture outside Hose Rhodes Dickson new premises

Group pic outside Hose Rhodes Dickson new premises;

Freshwater Parish Cllr Mike Locke, Vice Chair Cllr George Cameron, Chair Cllr Daniel James, Peter Barfoot, Senior Negotiator at Hose Rhodes Dickson; Lindsay Becker Marketing Manager at Hose Rhodes Dickson and Michelle Walker, Negotiator at Hose Rhodes Dickson.

Martha Eggleton 10 and Jago Tasker 12 wearing Freshwater Skatepark t-shirts Ollie in front of the new premises.

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