At our last meeting on the 4th May we had to say goodbye to four councillors, three of whom had served on the Parish Council for many years.
Gill Kennett had been a councillor for 21 years and with her knowledge of health she has supported a wide range of issues especially in supporting the Community Connector and the Just Ask Officer for the West Wight area.
Her links with the Sports and Community centre helped the parish establish good working relationship particularly recently with the Community Help Hub.
Adrian Harris over the years has been a great benefit to the parish council with his knowledge of business and giving his advice.
He was a founder member of the FYT bus getting the service underway and as a parish we help to support this service.
Recently Adrian has helped the Freshwater and Totland Archive Group by establishing them in a shop on Avenue Road and under the name of West Wight Heritage Centre.
Clive Fleury was Chairman from 2012 – 2015 and then became Chairman of Finance and helped make changes to ensure residents are clear about the way we allocate money always adhering to the rules of transparency.
Vix Lowthion was with us for four years and was a supporter of keeping a primary school in Freshwater.
We thank them all for their service and will miss the wealth of experience and passion for their community that all gave to their roles.
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