Freshwater Parish Council's Plan for a New Skatepark & Pump Track

Background and Context:

As Freshwater skatepark approaches the conclusion of its functional life, the Parish Council has proactively taken a step forward. They approved a plan for constructing a new Skatepark & Pump Track at Stroud Recreation Ground. Acknowledging the increasing costs of repairs and the changing preferences of the community, the proposal prioritises creating a facility with a design and location aligned with contemporary thinking. The new park intends to be a durable, community-focused asset that caters to riders of all ages and skill levels. It aspires to transform into a lively community space, fostering social bonds and accommodating various activities for families, tourists, and locals alike.

pump track
Proposed new Freshwater Skatepark

A Valuable Asset for the Community:

The new Freshwater skatepark will cater to skateboarders, scooters, bikers, roller skaters, rollerbladers, and wheelchair users. The council is committed to careful landscaping and planting to create an inviting family space. It’s a place for picnics, gatherings, and investing in the younger generation for the future of the community.

Introduction of a Pump Track:

The plan introduces a notable feature: the first Pump Track on the Isle of Wight. This circuit is designed for riders to generate momentum through body movements, catering to various riders, including wheelchair users. It is a unique and potentially attractive asset for West Wight tourism.

Rising Popularity of Skateboarding:

SkateboardGB’s recent figures highlight a substantial surge in skateboarding’s popularity. Since the pandemic began, over 70,000 more people in the UK have joined the sport. Particularly noteworthy is the significant increase in females taking up skateboarding. This growth aligns with the positive impact skateboarding has on both physical and mental health.

Spotlight on Local Talent:

Mar Eggleton

West Wight native Martha Eggleton, a rising skateboarding star, started her journey in the sport at just five years old. Her remarkable dedication and talent have propelled her to compete at national levels, including participating in the SkateboardGB National Championships. Despite her success, she faces the challenge of having to travel off the Island for training and competitions due to limited local facilities.

joe crockett

Local lad Joe Crockett from Freshwater recently clinched an impressive 4th place in Junior Scootering Park at the World Skate Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Parish Council proudly backed Joe’s journey, but like Martha, he grapples with the challenge of insufficient local facilities for training and competition.

Martha and Joe have cultivated the skills necessary to compete on a national and international scale at Freshwater Skatepark. However, to advance their capabilities, they need to journey to the mainland since the island lacks skateparks meeting the standards for experienced riders. The upcoming Freshwater skatepark will provide a challenging environment for experienced riders, fostering local talent and instilling confidence that our riders can compete on par with those from the mainland.

Health Benefits – Physical and Mental:

Freshwater is listed as amongst the 30% of most deprived areas in the UK and the Isle of Wight having a 90% higher admission for mental health in under 18’s than the national average. Skateboarding offers excellent exercise, engaging most parts of the body and burning up to 600 calories in an hour. Beyond physical benefits, it contributes to mental well-being, offering an outlet for individuals experiencing anxiety. Skateboarding is also recognised for building self-esteem, social competence, and fostering respect for others.

Reduction in Anti-social Behaviour:

The plan aligns with nationwide trends where the construction of new skateparks has been associated with a reduction in anti-social behaviour. Citing the example of Dorchester, where anti-social behaviour decreased by 45% after a new skatepark was built. Freshwater Parish Council anticipates positive community impacts.

Community Fundraising and Future Plans:

Freshwater Parish Council is actively investing £120K in the project and is exploring various community fundraising avenues to match this funding. This includes actively seeking grants, organizing fundraising initiatives, securing sponsorships, and exploring advertising opportunities. The goal is to actively engage the community in the development of this valuable asset, ensuring its success and sustainability.

Local Estate Agent Hose Rhodes Dickson have donated £1,000 to the project and are hoping to help with fundraising in the future (Article here)

Reflecting a commitment to community well-being, inclusivity, and the recognition of evolving recreational preferences. Freshwater Parish Council’s forward-thinking approach to building a new Skatepark and Pump Track is underway. The project not only addresses the immediate need for a modern facility but also has the potential to significantly contribute to the physical and social fabric of the community.

Freshwater Parish Council is excited to present a transformative community project. The construction of the new Freshwater Skatepark and Pump Track at Stroud. This initiative goes beyond being a recreational upgrade; it represents an investment in our youth, local talent, and community safety.

Join Our Mission:

We seek financial contributions, material donations, or any support to bring this project to life. Your involvement signifies a commitment to nurturing local talent and fostering a safe, vibrant community. If you have a fundraising idea please get in touch.

You can make a donation via our GoFundMe page here.

We also have our own Freshwater Skatepark clothing range with all profits going towards the new Skatepark and pump track

Visibility and Recognition:

As a sponsor, your business will gain positive exposure and be recognised as a key supporter of youth development and community well-being.

Let's Collaborate:

We would be honoured to discuss your fundraising ideas and/or how your business can contribute to this game-changing project. Your support, in any form, is crucial for its success.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to positively influence our community. Together, we can create a dynamic, inclusive, and safer space for everyone in Freshwater.

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Freshwater skatepark & pump track
Freshwater skatepark and pump track

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