Booking system launched to manage opening the council’s recycling centres

A managed re-opening of the Island’s household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs) will begin next week. The arrangements will not be the same as normal opening.

In order to maintain effective social distancing measures, to protect our staff and visitors, the HWRCs (Lynnbottom and Afton Marsh) will limit the number of visitors within 30 minute periods.

Visitors must book a slot online:

Residents will be able to book a time slot to go to the recycling centres (HWRCs) from Wednesday 6 May. Slots are available to book for up to four weeks in advance. Households will only be able to book one slot within a two-week period to ensure as many people who need to visit can do so.

There will be 10 slots available per half-hour at Lynbottom and five per half-hour at Afton Marsh.
Lynbottom will re-open with this reduced capacity from Monday 11 May and Afton Marsh from Saturday 16 May 2020; booking slots will be available from 10am to 5pm.

There will also only be a limited number of items that can be taken to the HWRC:

• Garden waste
• Asbestos and plasterboard with a permit ONLY (plus booking slot).
• Waste electronics and electrical equipment (WEEE) no larger than an under-counter fridge.
• Batteries
• Wood (man Made and natural)
• Hard Plastics.

No general waste (non-recyclable/black bin), rubble, soil or DIY waste will be accepted on site.

No vans, trailers or pickup trucks will be admitted in order to maintain flow of car-sized vehicle waste volumes only.

HWRC operatives will not be able to assist removal of waste from vehicles as they normally would, in order to maintain effective social distancing.

Natasha Dix, Strategic Manger for Waste said “While people have been on lockdown, we appreciate that they may have focused on organising at home and may need to remove some excess items from their properties that they cannot store or that cannot be collected at the kerbside. “We are still operating bulky waste collections if people cannot or do not want to travel to the tip. There are also a limited number of green waste subscriptions available if people would like to sign up for a fortnightly kerbside collection of their garden waste.”

“I would continue to request that people stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. Lockdown isn’t over. This managed re-opening is only to be used where excess waste cannot be stored at home or otherwise collected.” said Councillor Steve Hastings, Cabinet member for waste and recycling.

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