Skatepark – Paul Draft Version

Freshwater Parish Council recently approved a plan to build a new Skatepark & MUGA

Freshwater Skatepark is coming to the end of its life with repairs and upkeep becoming increasingly costly.  The current skatepark has served its purpose and has always been popular, but its design and location doesn’t fit with current thinking.

Freshwater Skatepark, was closed after a ROSPA safety report deemed the equipment beyond economical repair. In a bid to extend its life by another year, the Freshwater Parish Council initiated repairs over the summer of 2023. Yet, recognizing the financial challenges of maintaining the aging facility, the council is now compelled to seek a more sustainable solution.

The proposal is to build something that has a long life, is sympathetic in design to its surroundings, an asset to the community and something for all riders and ages to enjoy. The design of the park must be challenging for the most proficient riders but also have an area for beginners and small children.

The design of the park will accommodate all riders (Skateboard, Scooter and Bikes etc), have a long life and be attractive and welcoming to all. With careful landscaping and planting we will create a park where families can have a picnic, where people want to come and spend time to watch, will participate or both. Investment in the younger generation is an investment for the future of our community.

Freshwater Parish Council awarded the tender to Gravity Skateparks Ltd to build a new Skatepark and a pump track on Stroud Recreation Ground. Plans have been submitted to planning.


Joe Crockett performs scooter tricks

What about anti-social behaviour?

After Dorchester built their new Skatepark they saw a drop in anti-social behaviour by 45% – Inspector Les Fry, Dorchester Section Commander, said: “This reduction is a tremendous result for the town and shows the real value of having such a good facility for young people.”

What are the benefits of skateboarding?

Recent figures published by SkateboardGB show a huge growth in the popularity of skateboarding since the start of the pandemic, with a rise of over 70,000 people in the UK participating in the sport, with the largest growth being with females getting on a board for the first time.

Skateboarding is great exercise, as you use most parts of your body to skate. You can burn up to 600 calories in an hour. As well as providing great cardio exercise, skateboarding is great for balance, toning muscle (and building muscle strength) and aids in coordination.

Skateboarding is good for your Mental health and well-being. Figures have shown a growth in anxiety owing to the pandemic, with over two-thirds of people feeling worried about the effect COVID-19 will have on their life, with over half feeling stressed and bored.

SkateboardGB’s state that research has shown a striking correlation between people who skate and their improved mental health. Skateboarding is well known for its physical health benefits but in a year when mental health issues are at an all-time high, the additional benefits skateboarding can provide are reduced stress and boredom, increased confidence, provide escapism and help people use skateboarding as a coping mechanism for their emotions.

Skateboarding helps people feel a sense of achievement, when performing new tricks, learning, progressing, and getting better. When at a skatepark, surrounded by others with a similar outlook, skaters feel like they can be themselves.

    Skater Martha Eggleton at a Skatepark

    The Future

    Freshwater Parish Council are to invest £120K into the project and are now looking at all avenues of Community Fundraising to try and match the funding from the Parish. We are looking at Grants, Fund Raising, Sponsorship and Advertising.

    We would like to ask that you consider supporting this project in any way you can. We are looking for financial support via donations, sponsorship, and possible advertising. We are also looking for anyone that can help with the use of machinery and materials for the project (A list of what is needed will be available soon).

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