For about a decade, Freshwater Parish Council has financially supported West Wight Sports & Community Centre (WWSCC), providing over £250,000 in grant funding.

In 2023/24, the Parish Council continued its support with four grants: £10,000 for the Community Connector role, £10,000 for a Changing Places facility, £8,500 for a new chemical dosing system for the learner pool, and £10,000 for installing photovoltaic panels to heat the swimming pools.

The Centre, led by Manager Clare Griffin, is well-equipped to continue its vital role in the community, offering improved facilities and support for all users.

Cllr Tony Armstrong, Cllr Anne Bamford, Sarah Baggot, Izzy Taylor and Emily Mann from West Wight Sports & Community Centre, Adam Tucker Community Connector, Cllr Frances Turan, Freshwater Parish Council Chair Emma Cox, Cllr Christopher Jarman JP with Pickle Ball Players behind

Changing Places Facility

The Changing Places facility, part of a national initiative, offers enhanced toilet facilities for disabled individuals and those with long-term health conditions. It includes a ceiling-track hoist, an adjustable changing bench, an accessible toilet, a height-adjustable wash basin, and other essential equipment like grab rails, a colostomy bag shelf, and emergency alarms. This facility aims to provide comprehensive and comfortable support for those with special needs.

Emily Mann West Wight Sports & Community Centre Fitness Instructor in the Changing Spaces Facility

Community Connector

The Community Connector role, filled by Adam Tucker since 2019, provides support to any local resident, regardless of their circumstances. Initially funded by the Isle of Wight Council, this role continued with the Parish Council’s support, especially crucial during the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis. In the past year, Adam has assisted over 160 individuals one-on-one, helping them overcome various issues and become more connected to their community. He also collaborates with local schools to address the needs of the youth, fostering opportunities for their development. Adam’s visible presence at the weekly Our Place community café, which hosts 15 organizations offering face-to-face support, underscores the role’s success and continuity in the community.

Community Connector Adam Tucker

Chemical Dosing System for the Learner Pool

The new Ezetrol® touch controller for the learner pool is a sophisticated disinfection system that monitors chlorine levels, pH, and temperature, ensuring accurate chemical dosing. The current system, over 30 years old, is unreliable, posing health risks and increasing operational costs due to higher staff monitoring and inconsistent chemical usage. The upgraded system promises stable measurement and efficient operation, crucial for a pool used by young children, disabled swimmers, and for aquatic therapy.

West Wight Sports & Community Centre Swimming Pools

West Wight Sports & Community staff Izzy Taylor Receptionist, Lifeguard and Instructor and Emily Mann Fitness Instructor by the Swimming Pool

Installation of Photovoltaics

West Wight Sports & Community Centre secured £86,000 from Sport England to install 74kWp of photovoltaic panels, expected to generate 50MWh annually. This will reduce gas consumption, saving approximately 8,000 tons of CO2 and £2,700 annually, assuming 80% boiler efficiency. To optimize the solar PV benefits, the Centre will install electric pre-heaters to manage gas boiler load, using automatic sensing and switching to align with PV generation.

Freshwater Parish Council’s commitment to supporting the Centre’s diverse and inclusive community services, enhancing facilities for all users over the last 10 years means the West Wight Sports and Community Centre is well-positioned for a stable and sustainable future.

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