The History of Freshwater Skatepark

by | Feb 28, 2024

Freshwater Skatepark at Golden Hill

Freshwater Skatepark has a rich history dating back to 1978. The local community, along with the West Wight Workshop Group and volunteers, collaborated to build one of the country’s first concrete skateparks at Golden Hill Fort. Over the years, it has undergone changes, but its importance to the community, particularly the youth, remains significant.

The Current Skatepark

The current skatepark, opened by the council in 2002, features wooden ramps on a tarmac base. It has become a central hub for socialising and recreation. Despite facing constant maintenance challenges and repairs, it has been a popular and vital resource for the island’s young residents. The removal of the quarter pipe in 2010 due to maintenance issues highlights the ongoing struggle to keep the facility in optimal condition.

Freshwater Skatepark

The skatepark has been a place of camaraderie, where experienced and older skaters look out for younger and beginner participants.

Given the limited resources for young people on the island, it holds special importance. It serves as a key part of the youth community and providing a unique space for social interaction. The skatepark has also been a breeding ground for talent, with individuals competing at national and international level.

Despite its historical significance and community impact, the current skatepark faced closure due to safety concerns. ROSPA deemed it beyond economical repair.

Mar Eggleton
Scootering at Freshwater Skatepark

Repairing the Skatepark

In a pragmatic move, Freshwater Parish Council decided to undertake necessary repairs, providing the old skatepark with one more year of life. However, acknowledging the financial challenges of sustaining it long-term, the council has recognised the need for a more viable solution.

The story of Freshwater’s skatepark not only reflects the vibrant history of the community’s involvement but also underscores the challenges faced in maintaining such facilities. As the island’s youth continue to engage in skateboarding and other activities, there is a shared hope for the development of a sustainable and updated park that can continue to be a focal point for community activity and talent development.

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