Freshwater Parish Council is working with the Footprint Trust to help make homes in Freshwater a little warmer.

The Footprint Trust is a local charity with over 10 years experience in delivering projects to save energy and keep people warmer.  The Trust offers free home visits to vulnerable people of all ages, who are struggling to cope with high utility bills. Every year the Trust gives tailored guidance to many hundreds of people; for the period April 2016 to March 2017 we have spoken to some 4000 people at outreach events, phone and on line, and delivered over 200 home visits. Each visit identifies an average of £200 annual savings per household. Each home visit will offer households practical energy-saving tips and suggestions, as well as linking to local support services (such as IsleHelp) and national grant-funded insulation and boiler schemes, when available. 

Of the 10 or so people seen per Parish, around 18%  need additional help for energy-saving measures for which there is no funding. This could include:-

• Thick, lined curtains
• Help towards new energy efficient heating
• Energy efficient white goods such as fridges, freezers, washing machines
• Window or door repairs

Freshwater Parish Council have worked with the Footprint Trust to provide limited funds to help with these costs.  Contact the Footprint Trust on 01983 822282 to arrange your home visit.

The Footprint Trust will also be attending ‘Our Place’ at West Wight Sports & Community Centre on 22nd January – 10.00am – 12.30pm

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